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2016 Indiana Challenge Judges (left to right) Ian Kille, MCL Restaurant & Bakery, Jennifer Rubenstein, Edible Indy, Carrie Abbott, Newfangled Confections, Brian Shapiro, Shapiro’s Delicatessen, Michael Joy, Park 100 Foods, John Benjamin, Scotty’s Brewhouse 

2016 Wisconsin Challenge Judges (left to right) Peter Gottsacker, Wixon Inc, Jenny Marino, Angelic Bakehouse, Kurt Fogle, Bass Bay Brewhouse, Pam Mehnert, Outpost Natural Foods, Tonya Garrido, Harwood Place, Jan Kelly, Meritage Restaurant (not shown)


2015 Indiana Challenge Judges (left to right) Michael Joy, Park 100 Foods, Carrie Abbott, Newfangled Confections, Brian Shapiro, Shapiro’s Deli, Jennifer Cheezum,  Pierogi in a Pinch, Scott Wise, Scotty’s Brewhouse, Ian Kille, MCL Restaurant & Bakery, Jennifer Rubenstein, Edible Indy


2015 Wisconsin Challenge Judges (left to right) Lynn Sbonik, Beans & Barley, Nick Maas, Rumchata, Jenny Marino, Angelic Bakehouse, Rakesh (Ryan) Rehan, Café India, Jan Kelly, Meritage Restaurant, Kurt Fogle, Bass Bay Brewhouse, Peter Gottsacker, Wixon Inc (not shown)

2014 Indiana Challenge Judges (left to right) Carrie Abbott, Newfangled Confections, Brian Shapiro, Shapiro’s Deli, Adrienne Nicolosi, Rick’s Cafe Boatyard, Rob Gaston, DigIN, Scott Wise, Scotty’s Brewhouse, Erin Edds, Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas



2014 Wisconsin Challenge Judges (left to right)  Kurt Fogle, SURG Restaurant Group, Daphne Jones, Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage, Jen Ede, Edible Milwaukee, Rakesh (Ryan) Rehan, Café India, Jan Kelly, Meritage Restaurant, Eric Olesen, O&H Danish Bakery, Lynn Sbonik, Beans & Barley


2013 Indiana Challenge Judges (left to right) Mary Beth Poe, MBP Distinctive CateringThomas England,  Ivy Tech Corporate College and Culinary Center, Dwight Simmons, Indy Star ChefsBrett Fife, Lindey’s Restaurant, Ian Kille,MCL Restaurant & Bakery, Kris Parmele, Happy Go Foodie, Scott Wise, Scotty’s Brewhouse (not shown)


2013 Wisconsin Challenge Judges (left to right) Lynn Sbonik, Beans & Barley, Peter Gottsacker, Wixon, Betsy Gilmore, Bel Air Cantina/Wauwatosa, Jan Kelly, Meritage restaurant, Angela West, Alcoholmanac Magazine, Eric
Olesen,  O&H Danish Bakery 


2012 Indiana Challenge Judges (left to right) Ian Kille, MCL Restaurant & Bakery, Becky Eaton, Becky’s Healthy Kitchen and Emory Costanios, Hilton Indianapolis North.


2012 Wisconsin Challenge Judges (left to right)  Andrea Marquez-Paquin, La Luna, George Flees, Parkside 23 restaurant, Lynn Sbonik, Beans & BarleyAndrew Paquin, La Luna Mexican food products, Justin Aprahamian, Sanford Restaurant,  and Peter Gottsacker, Wixon